Priority activities

Priority activities

The economy of Naryn region is focused on priority areas, the aim of which is to determine the ways and methods to ensure the sustainable welfare improvement of Naryn region citizens, the dynamic economic development in the long term prospect, strengthen the position of Naryn region among other regions of Kyrgyz Republic and in the world community.

The main purpose of long-term priorities of the Naryn region`s development is to provide modern standards of material and spiritual well-being of the population, based on balanced economic growth, efficient public administration and local self-government, the intensive development of potential and traditional values, preservation of the cultural potential and cultural heritage.

The development of industry

The aim of the industrial complex is to ensure accelerated sustainable development of the industrial complex as a basis for economic growth in the Naryn region.

The main objectives to achieve this goal are:

1) a modernization and innovative renewal of traditional sectors of industry

2) an improving the sustainability of the industrial complex in the conditions of volatility global conditions and domestic demand;

3) a reducing production costs and increasing the share of added value in gross output of industrial products;

4) a reduction of the environmental burden of industrial enterprises on the environment;

6) to promote the development of the mineral resource base, including in other regions area, to ensure current and future needs of the Naryn region's economy;

7) improving the quality of workplaces in Naryn FEZ industries, creating new and better working places;

8) a creation of new high-tech sectors and innovative industrial products.

The development of agrarian-industrial complex

The main objectives to achieve this goal are:

         1) improving the efficiency of agriculture, to achieve the financial stability of agrarian-industrial complex organizations;

          2) balancing the production, processing and consumption of basic agricultural products, intra-industry co-operation;

          3) increasing the share of final consumption of a product in an agro-industrial complex production;

          4) An investing activities enhancing in agriculture and food production;

          5) increasing labor productivity in agriculture and food production;

          6) improving the efficiency of use of the state support funds to agricultural producers.

Increasing tourism potential

The main objectives to achieve this goal are:

1) the creation of Naryn region tourist-recreational complex with a view to preserving the integrity of the natural objects  show  to tourists;

2)the  provision of high-quality regional tourist services;

4) the promotion to tourists Naryn region product  in kyrgyz  and international tourist markets, the formation of the image of the Naryn region as an attractive for foreigners.