About FEZ Naryn

About FEZ Naryn

Organizational and legal form, full and short title, legal address, telephone number, address in the information networks and telecommunications of Internet

General directorate

Free Economic Zone "Naryn"

FEZ "Naryn"

Address: 722600, Kyrgyzstan, Naryn region, Naryn town, Lenin Street, 44

Phone: 03522 50417

e-mail: office@feznayn.kg


Activities of the Development Institute

The purposes of the FEZ "Naryn" creation are: to promote social and economic development of the region, providing favorable conditions for  investments attraction, technologies, creation and development of production and transport infrastructure, modern industrial and social infrastructure, working places, market satiety with consumer, to improve living standards.

Support measures provided by the Institute of business entities (financial, property, information support, assistance to procurement or otherwise) and their description (characteristics).

Legislation on FEZ "Naryn" and other legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic established guarantees to entities of FEZ "Naryn". Entities of FEZ "Naryn" are eligible for the guarantees of the investors and investment rights protection provided by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on investment activities. The legal protection of foreign investments are guaranteed in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Disputes arising between a foreign investor (the entity of FEZ "Naryn") and the General Directorate of FEZ "Naryn" are dealt with in accordance with the Kyrgyz legislation. There is a simplified entry and exit of foreign citizens on the territory of FEZ "Naryn . Rules of entry and exit of FEZ "Naryn" foreign citizens are established by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic. For violation of the Kyrgyz Republic legislation the entities of FEZ "Naryn" shall be liable in accordance with the Kyrgyz legislation.

The conditions for providing support measures to business entities

Fields in which support measures for business entities are providing (foreign trade activities, information and communication technologies, agriculture, or otherwise)

  • assistance in the search of investors
  • assistance in drawing up business - plan and presentation
    • facilitate participation in trade fairs - exhibitions
    • participation in international exhibitions - fairs


Approved by the Kyrgyz Republic Government Resolution from August 1, 2014 № 431